If you weren’t aware, Pierre Morel’s remake of the classic sci-fi film Dune is still happening and it’s landed a new screenwriter. According to THR, Paramount has found the person who’s going to revamp the classic story for a new generation. His name is Chase Palmer, and he’s been hired to rework the script of the original screenplay that was written by Josh Zetumer.

Chase Palmer has a background in screenwriting, directing and producing, but none of his projects have been on a tentpole scale. Some of his previous writing credits include Neo-Noir and Shock and Awe and he’s also developing a film entitled Number 13, which is scheduled for a 2011 release. Other than that your guess is as good as mine when it comes to him working on the Dune script. Morel, who directed the action thriller, Taken, and the silent box office bomb, From Paris With Love has stated that he wants to stay as close as possible to the source material from the novel.

The original Dune was adapted by David Lynch in 1984, and there was also a TV mini-series version in 2000, as well as the Children of Dune in 2003. The latter film starred James McAcoy and featured him following in the footsteps of Kyle Maclachlan’s character from the original.

How do you feel about Palmer taking over the reigns of the Dune screenplay?