Oscar winner Benicio del Toro will appear on the big screen starting tomorrow in his latest flick, The Wolfman. It’s directed by Joe Johnston and is a remake of the classic 1941 original from Universal. The film sticks with the same story of a nobleman who’s bitten by a beast, which causes him to inadvertently become one himself. Del Toro had to channel a ton of emotions while in character, and the actor recently discussed how he was able to pull it off.

Rage is the one major component that has been present in every incarnation of the Wolfman mythology. When the man transforms, his mind and body are no longer his own, but belong to this animal. In the film, del Toro takes that to another level when he unknowingly begins to terrorize an English village while the full moon is out. According to Yahoo, the actor used a life changing event from his childhood to fuel his character.

When del Toro was nine years old his mother died from Hepatitis, and unable to understand his loss he became angry and withdrawn.

“Anger is not a hard emotion to get to as a male actor. Where does it come from? Life, I guess. I remember the anger I felt when my mother died of hepatitis when I was nine. It was a terrible time in my life and I still feel it. I guess it helped make me something of a rebel when I was in school. And I did get into some trouble. I didn’t get good grades, and a lot of teachers turned their backs on me.”

A loss of any relative is a painful thing to go through, but losing a parent is ten times worse. The aftermath of his mother’s death had a profound effect on him, but he was able to channel it and use it for something positive when he got older. The Wolfman is very conflicted and even though he’s a monster on the surface, he’s still a man on the inside.

The Wolfman hits theaters tomorrow on February 12, 2010.

What do you think of del Toro’s portrayal of the Wolfman? Do you think he’ll do a good job?