The directing duo, The Hughes Brothers have decided to move away from their post apocalyptic Western, The Book of Eli to tackle a more legendary property. According to Deadline Hollywood, Akira will be their next theatrical conquest as the directors are in talks with Warner Bros to bring the popular anime to the big screen.

The Akira film will be a live action adaptation of anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s 6-volume graphic novel that’s become a worldwide phenomenon among fans. For years there’s been talk of adapting the property but the majority of the plans have fallen through. It also doesn’t help when all the Akira lovers of the world keep pressing that they don’t want a Hollywood studio to ruin such great material. Too bad, too sad, because the WB has their eye on it and they want to produce it ASAP.

According to the site, Leonardo Dicaprio‘s production company Appian Way will back the film that will have a screenplay written by Gary Whitta, who penned Book of Eli. The studio’s intention is to make two movies with each covering 3 volumes in the series. Warner Bros has been trying to bring Akira to life for over 2 years ever since they first acquired the rights from manga publisher Kodansha.

Even though Warner Bros remains high on my list of studios when it comes to comic book material, an Akira movie worries me. The Hughes Brothers have had their fair share of graphic novel material, considering their 2001 adaptation From Hell, but I’m not sure if anyone can compress the story of 6 volumes into two films. What will they cut out?

How do you feel about the Hughes Brothers taking on Akira? Do you think the film should be adapted?