“CSI: NY,” the northern based spin-off of the hit series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is in the news and it’s because of it’s latest co-star. The newest face to pop up on the show isn’t an actress, but a world renown race car driver. According to TV Guide, Danica Patrick will make an appearance on the series but it won’t be under good circumstances.

She’s described as a “killer competitor” and rightfully so. The professional driver won’t stray too far from her occupation when she appears as Liza Gray. Gray happens to be a Grand Prix racer who becomes the No. 1 suspect after an explosion kills a rival driver. Guess who’s playing the victim? It’s Antonio Sabato Jr., who’s been known to race on the circuits every now and again so this episode will be filled with participates from the sport.

According to executive producer Pam Veasey, both Patrick and Sabato were purposely chosen to star in this episode because of their background.

“Obviously Danica races cars, but Antonio does as well,” executive producer Pam Veasey tells TVGuide.com. “It was great to have them both on the show. They have a lot of experience behind the wheel.”

We’ll also find out that two of the CSI workers happen to be undercover speed demons themselves.

“Mac has a fondness of racing, and so does Lindsay [Anna Belknap],” Veasey says. “Those are two characters that know a lot about racing, which no one would expect. Lindsay knows about the mechanics of a car and totally gets into racing, being a Montana girl.”

CSI: NY airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS and it sounds like the cast will have the need for speed when it airs tonight. Yes, that was corny but it had to be said.

What do you think about Danica Patrick making an appearance on CSI: NY? Do you think she can act?