This summer the big screen adaptation of the popular eighties show, The A-Team hits theaters and it will feature some old and new faces. It’s been confirmed that both Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz from the original series will make cameos in the film, and co-star Bradley Cooper recently dished on Benedict’s appearance.

Cooper stars as ‘Face-Man’ Peck  in The A-Team, a role that was originally portrayed by Benedict on the show. Since Cooper has that role covered in the movie, our imaginations have been working over time trying to figure out who Benedict could play. The most common rumor has him pegged as Cooper’s father in the film, but that’s not the case. Over at MTV, Cooper spoke about the cameo and tells us exactly who Benedict will play and in what scene.

“He plays a guy named Milt,” Cooper said of Benedict’s scene, which teases both actors’ good looks as well as the vanity of Templeton Peck. “We’re in a tanning bed, in prison together.”

He went on to say that working with the veteran actor was a pleasant part of his A-Team shooting experience.

“What a lovely, lovely guy,” Cooper said of Benedict, who has always been so willing to make in-jokes about his past that he even did a “Battlestar Galactica” wink in the original show “A-Team” show. “We talked for a long time; we spent the afternoon together. I learned so much about him, and he’s fantastic.”

Both ‘Faces’ are going to be in the same scene, at the same time, which means the world will probably explode from all the prettiness. The A-Team hits theaters this summer on June 11, 2010.

Do you think Benedict will outshine Cooper in the scene? Are you excited to see both of them working together?