The Green Lantern movie has gained a little credibility with its latest casting of Oscar winner Tim Robbins. According to THR, Robbins has signed on to the Warner Bros big screen adaptation of the DC comic of the same name, where he’ll join Ryan Reynolds as the title character, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, and Peter Sargaard as Hector Hammond.

According to the trade, Robbins will play daddy dearest to Sarsgaard as Senator Hammond, the disapproving father of the movie’s villain. From my limited knowledge of the Green Lantern comics, Papa Hammond doesn’t appear in the books. I’m assuming he’s a creation strictly for film purposes, but if I’m wrong feel free to clue me in. Robbins casting does add a bit more legitimacy to the film that’s had me on edge ever since Reynolds came on board.

The only downside to this is Robbins’ age. He’s only 13 years old than Sargaard, so will they give him a beard and throw some extra gray on his head? This is Hollywood and they don’t like to age actors correctly according to their on screen parents or children. Filming for Green Lantern is set to start sometime in March down in New Orleans.

What do you think about Robbins joining the cast of the Green Lantern? Do you think he’ll fit in with the rest of the cast?