Someone in the big blue sky heard our prayers and decided to put the long running Saw franchise out of its misery. The last installment of the series didn’t fair well at the box office, which should have been a dead giveaway that we were no longer interested. Over at Latino Review, they got the low down on what’s really going on behind closed doors from one of the franchise’s writers, Patrick Melton.

Apparently the interview is a couple of months old and it hails from the UK radio station Demon FM. Even though it’s not recent, it’s ridiculously prophetic as to what the producers and writers are thinking about regarding the future of Saw. We’ve already heard about how director Kevin Greutert loathes the idea of making another movie within the series (that will be in 3D), but he’s contractually obligated to do so. But lucky Saw number VII might spell the end of the property completely. Here’s what Melton had to say,

I think it’s going to end with Saw VII. I have a very strong feeling its going to end with Saw VII. That’s something we’re debating now. You saw in previous interviews or discussions where we thought Saw VIII would be the last one where we had the first trilogy and the second trilogy and then sort of a grand finale wrapped up in two films. But frankly because Saw VI hasn’t performed as well as we anticipated, the idea is well why make two movies when we can make one really excellent movie that wraps up as best we can? And it’s going to be in 3-D which sort of adds to the spectacle. So if you had to ask me, I don’t own the franchise, nor do I run the studio, but I have a feeling, a strong feeling that it’s going to be Saw VII which will be also known as Endgame. And nothings official yet, but that’s where we’re hoping things will go.

The people who are in charge (Lionsgate) of green lighting these projects need to get on the same wavelength as Melton because he’s got the right idea. At this point, if they want to continue making the films, have them go straight to DVD. That way we don’t have to deal with them crowding up our theaters.

As for Saw: Endgame, Melton said that it will answer all of those questions you’ve had since the very beginning.

I can’t say anything official yet, but I think the thought around the camp is that let’s solve all questions by the end. Including that question. We wanted to resolve that because it is the 700 pound gorilla in the room… with a vague end in sight as most people have had, its sort of been been pushed off… But it seems that right now the thought is to answer that question and wrap everything up in a wonderful nice package.

Does this sound like a great way to end almost 10 year’s of Saw violence and gore?

What do you think of the Saw franchise ending? Do you want it to continue? What do you think will happen in the end?