The Terminator bidding war is officially over, and the two front runners, Lionsgate and Sony lost out to Pacificor. Who is Pacificor you ask? Apparently, they’re the new owners of one of the most ground breaking sci-fi film series of all time! Over at Deadline Hollywood, they exclusively broke the news that a final bid had been placed and received on behalf of the company. But, seriously who are these guys and where did they come from?

Lionsgate was the first studio to make their bid public and they had plans to produce “a complete re-boot, back to basics, with real emotional stories, and effects that will be secondary.” Oddly enough the winning bidder Pacificor was the debt holder who pushed  former Terminator owners Halcyon Holding Corp into bankruptcy. According to Finke, “this is the same Pacificor whom Halcyon accused in a lawsuit of extortion, bribery, and fraud and demanded $30M in damages.”

Isn’t this an odd twist of fate? Sony and Lionsgate dropped out of the bidding war at just under 29.5 million when it was clear that Pacificor wouldn’t back down. After the ink is try on the contracts, Halcyon will receive $5 million for every Terminator movie made from now on, and they’ll retain the rich revenue streams from the movies Terminator 3 and 4. It sounds like this entire deal has come full circle, but the real question is what does this mean for the fans?

Will we ever see a good old fashioned, R-rated Terminator again?

What do you think of Sony and Lionsgate losing out on the Terminator rights?