Tuesday’s are known as the days to get “Lost” thanks to the massive success of the ABC drama of the same name. Last week the show returned after a nine month hiatus to much fan fare, and a slight ratings increase. According to Yahoo, the success of the premiere has given the network a renewed faith in the series that some people cited as “too difficult” to follow.

“Lost’s” premiere brought in 12.1 million viewers last week, which marked a 6 percent increase from its 2009 debut. According to ABC, among younger viewers it was the best performance the show has had in two years. Even its 8 PM lead in, an hour long catch up special, managed to bring in 10 million viewers despite the competition from CBS powerhouse “NCIS” and Fox’s “American Idol.”

The fact that the show was able to perform so well during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, showed that the die hard fans are still holding on to their favorite fantasy series in hopes of keeping it afloat until the very end.

Tonight another new episode of “Lost” will air and we’ll get to see if the numbers will change drastically for better or for worse. As a fan of the show, the premiere was intriguing and only makes me want to return for more. Do you feel the same?

Are you going to watch Lost tonight? Did you tune in for the premiere?