We all know that our television sets are too small to contain the amazing spectacle that is Jack Bauer. It sounds like that “24” TV movie we got two years ago was just a warm up for bigger things to come. According to Variety, the Fox heavy weight will finally appear on the silver screen, and the studio has already tapped a screenwriter to pen the story.

Rumors regarding a “24″ movie have been around for the past few years, and most of us thought they would end after 24: Redemption, but we were wrong. It turns out that the series’ star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland found a script that he thinks is good enough to cut it in theaters. Apparently the penned story makes him even more “eager” to turn the show into a fledgling film franchise.

The screenwriter on board is Billy Ray, whose take would send Jack Bauer overseas to Europe. Ray has dipped into the world of political thrillers before, he had a hand in last year’s State of Play. Oddly enough the only stumbling block in the way of the film is the TV show. Sources close to the project say the “24″ movie is still in the preliminary stages and the fate of the show will play a huge hand in where the story goes.

Fox hasn’t decided on whether or not they’ll renew the series for a ninth season, but if they don’t the producers could shop it around to other networks, which would put the movie on the backburner. We hope they can agree on something that allows Jack to bring his “damn its”  and possible four letter words to the big screen. Could you image that character without the FCC regulating his dialogue?

What do you think about a 24 movie? Do you want to see Jack on the big screen?