Sam Worthington will give his best Texas drawl when he stars in the upcoming thriller, The Fields. The Australian actor has been a hot commodity as of late and he’s taking full advantage. Over the weekend rumors sprung up that Worthington would take part in the film, and THR just released a confirmation that his casting is legit.

Back in November, we reported that Worthington and Bradley Cooper were both in the running to star in the film adaptation of The Texas Killing Fields. At the time there was word that Danny Boyle might be interested in taking it on, but he has since decided to focus on 127 Hours. According to the trade, Worthington will play a Texas homicide detective who joins with a New York detective to investigate unsolved murders in the Texas bayous.

Cooper’s involvement wasn’t mentioned in the casting brief, but Pajiba (who broke the story) is pretty accurate when it comes to these things. The screenplay was written by Don Ferrarone, which is based on a true story. The film will be helmed by Ami Canaan Mann, and it will mark her directorial debut.

Worthington can barely do a straight-laced Midwest accent, so the thought of him playing a native Texan scares me. I’m sure he can do anything he puts his mind to, but hopefully a dialect coach won’t be too far behind.

What do you think of Sam Worthington taking on a role in The Fields?