Now that the final season of “Lost” has begun, the end is becoming more real. We’ll be saying goodbye to our favorite castaways this May, and some of the show’s actors have already lined up their next gigs. According to THR, Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin Kwon on the series has booked a role on the CBS revamp of “Hawaii Five-O.”

For some of you, this may be your first time hearing about the eye network’s remake of the popular cop series that lasted for 12 seasons during its initial run. According to the trade, Kim will star as Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a role played in the original series by Kam Fong. The part of Detective Steve McGarrett has yet to be cast but rumors suggest that “Moonlight” and “Three Rivers” star Alex O’Loughlin is in talks for it. That’s not the best sign considering, both of his previous CBS shows got the boot during their first season.

Even though the idea of a “Hawaii Five-O” remake makes my skin crawl, it has some decent fire power behind it. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (“Fringe“), and “CSI: NY” executive producer/co-showrunner Peter Lenkov are the creative minds bringing the new series to the screen. For Kim, the fact that both ABC’s “Lost” and “Five-O” film in Hawaii will make it easy for him to shoot the pilot for the new show, while wrapping up the rest of “Lost’s” episodes.

Regardless of the powerhouses supporting the series, I have low expectations. This is a move I’d expect from The CW, not CBS. And yes, I do understand that they’re both under the same corporate umbrella, but come on?

What do you think of Daniel Dae Kim joining the cast of Hawaii Five-O? What do you think about them remaking the show?