HBO’s “Entourage” will be on its seventh season when it returns to the cable network this year, and a lot of things have changed during its run. Over at MTV, they had an opportunity to speak to Adrian Grenier, the actor alter ego of Vinnie Chase and he explained that this season his character will finally go off the deep end.

Before he broke out with any talk about the upcoming season, he spoke on the rumored “Entourage” movie. Months ago executive producer Mark Wahlberg expressed that he would be interested in taking the crew to the big screen after their final season, a move that Grenier claims to know nothing about.  “I’m just waiting for them to tell me when to show up, what’s my call time,” he explained. “I can’t wait.”

When it comes to the seventh season of the show, the five main characters have gone through a lot of changes, so how will Vince, Eric, Johnny Drama, Turtle, and Ari all fair this year?

“I think this year is going to be quite an interesting ride for Vince,” Grenier explained. “He’s struggling a little bit with all of his buddies growing up and having to sort of embrace his own growth. So I think he’s going to resist… and maybe go off the deep end a little bit.”

Could this mean that Vince will finally have a beefy part on the show? “Entourage” is one of my favorite programs, but his character is seriously lacking. I know that he’s a laid back kind of guy, but his writing is weak. Something’s wrong when the majority of the actors around you have been nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe and you haven’t. Even Kevin Dillon got nominated, and he’s….Johnny Drama!

What are your expectations for the seventh season of Entourage? Do you think it will be a hit or miss? How do you feel about Vince’s character on the show? Do you think he needs better material?