THE funniest Super Bowl commercial to air during last night’s game featured Betty White and Abe Vigoda. The promo was for Snickers and it was a pleasant surprise amongst a group of boring, sub-par ads. It consisted of everything a Super Bowl commercial needs, comedy, candy, and of course football!

While sitting down and watching the big game, a lot of you may have noticed the lack of hilarious commercials. For the past few years, the marketing execs behind these annual ads haven’t been cutting it. But in spite of the slow decline of memorable material, Snickers pulled out a gem. They got screen legends Betty White and Abe Vigoda to put themselves in physical danger for the sake of a good laugh.

Both actors are 88 years old, so the thought of them participating in a rough game of football sounds deadly. In the commercial it showed them being tackled to the ground by their much younger, and aggressive co-stars, which makes me wonder about the special effects they used. When White first appears on screen you have no idea what’s going to happen to her or how she’ll react, that is until she hops up and starts spouting venomous remarks about her teammate’s girlfriend. That’s the Betty we all know and love.

Here’s the ad…

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Did Snicker’s have the funniest ad of the night? What did you think of Betty and Abe?