In the midst of the all the script problems, sequel rumors, director swaps, and uncertainty of the Spider-Man franchise, it was briefly rumored that Wes Anderson may take over the franchise. I don’t think anyone really bought the rumor, but someone online (bless um) decided to take the gobbledygook and run with it and give us a brief glimpse of what Spider-Man would look like if Anderson directed it.

Whether you’re a fan of Anderson’s or not, it’s quite obvious that he’s not the man for the job, unless they were looking to take it in a completely new, indie direction. Something tells me that Sony is far more interested in the green side of Spider-Man than the emo-hip side. But that doesn’t mean we can’t ponder what would have happened if they did!

Check out the “pussification” of Spider-Man below…

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The one guy does a damn good Owen Wilson impression! Do you think it’s real Wilson’s voice, or does this guy have a future in voice-overs?