If you’re a fan of the CBS comedy, “The Big Bang Theory,” this story is for you. According to a recent post over at EW, one of the beloved geeks of the series will end up in the slammer on an upcoming episode. Jim Parson’s alter ego Sheldon will become a jailbird, but the question is how?

What could poor Sheldon have done to deserve some time in the clink? It all comes down to a minor traffic violation, which lands him in court on the March 1st episode. Getting a traffic ticket doesn’t exactly equal hard time in the real world, so he must have done something else and it turns out he did. According to Parsons, his “lack of delicacy with the English language” is what causes a judge to throw him in jail.

“He gets pushed to his limits and gets cross with the judge,” Parsons explains. “The phrase ‘catching more flies with sugar than with vinegar’ makes no sense to him. The truth is really all that matters.”

He soon realizes that he needs to rectify his situation with the judge when he notices that he doesn’t have a private bathroom. Not being able to urinate in peace, becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back and at that point, he’s ready to apologize.

But the kicker for this episode will be his foiled plans to meet comic legend, Stan Lee. But don’t feel too bad because according to the show’s executive producer Chuck Lorre, he still meets him at the end of it all.

What do you think of this sneak peek of The Big Bang Theory?