Taylor Lautner has landed another big name project, and this time it’s the live action adaptation of Stretch Armstrong. According to THR, Universal has tapped the Twilight star to take on the lead role in the film that they believe has serious franchise potential.

Not only will Stretch Armstrong have Jacob the werewolf as its title character, but it will also be in 3D. Like everything else produced these days it will have an extra dimension so they can capitalize off of all those lame stretching poses that he’s sure to perform while on screen. Universal originally had the film’s release date set for May 15, 2011, but it’s been pushed back to 2012 to accommodate the actor’s prior commitments.

The story for the film is said to center on “an uptight spy who stumbles across a stretching formula, which he takes and must now adjust to in everyday life and when fighting crime.” This is just one of many franchises Lautner has signed onto following his star making turn in New Moon. He’s also on board to star as the title character in the big screen adaptation of the toy line,  Max Steel over at Paramount.

“In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office. He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power,” said Universal co-chairman Donna Langley.”

I would say that Lautner’s casting in this is a shocking move, but that would be a lie. This kid has been captilizing on everything thrown at him, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Even though he has a lot of projects under his belt, none of them are ground breaking to the average moviegoer, but his Twilight audience will be all over them.

What do you think of Taylor Lautner being cast as Stretch Armstrong?