Grammy award winning singer Sheryl Crow will be taking a break from her music career to tackle the small screen. According to EW, she’s landed a plum role on the hit ABC comedy “Cougar Town,” which stars Golden Globe nominee Courteney Cox. If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out who she will play, we’ve got the answer.

Crow will arrive on the scene as the new girlfriend of Josh Hopkins’ character, Grayson. This is an interesting twist considering his closeted feeling for Jules (Cox), and his recent rendezvous with Laurie (Busy Phillips). Crow’s appearance won’t be a one time thing either, she’ll have a multi-episode arc, so she’ll be around for a while. There isn’t a lot of dirt to go on regarding how she’ll interact with the other ladies on the canvas, but we do know that she WON’T be playing herself.

The 47 year old singer has acted a bit in the past with a stint in the 1999 film The Minus Man, and she also appeared on “30 Rock,” but it was as herself. Let’s see if she can hang with the “Cougar Town” team in the comedy department because that show is hilarious. The strangest thing about her playing Grayson’s girlfriend is the fact that he’ll be dating someone near his age. He always goes for college age girls, with the exception of Laurie. This should be very interesting.

What do you think of Sheryl Crow joining the cast of Cougar Town? Will you watch?