Tron Legacy will hit theaters on December 17th, and fans are eager for the release of its first theatrical trailer. A short teaser dropped back in July, but we need something new to tide us over until the big day. According to AICN, a full length trailer is on its way and it will premiere in front of a big budget March release.

According to their top secret source, a full trailer for Tron will debut in front next month’s Alice in Wonderland and it will be a pretty decent length. “Expect the new Tron Legacy trailer at the beginning of the ALICE movie (in both 3D and IMAX) on March 5th in theaters. It will run almost 2 1/2 mins” If this news is legit, this will be a great opportunity to see more footage without having to wait a ridiculously long time.

If the new trailer wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also talk of Disney expanding the film into a television series.

…apparently (Disney) the top brass is so psyched about Tron: Legacy that they’re planning a TV show for 2011 & 2012 (probably for Disney XD). No news on whether it will be animated or live action. They’re also already planning another Tron film for 2013. Of course, if Legacy bombs at the BO, this will all get cancelled ASAP. But, right now, they’re really behind it.

I doubt that Tron Legacy will bomb, but the idea of a television show sounds really expensive. I’m assuming this will be an animated series since they listed Disney XD as the possible channel for it to air. Either way, people watch Tron for amazing graphics and special effects so they’ll have to cough up something extra to make it visually interesting.

What do you think of Tron Legacy becoming a TV series? Do you think that they’ll release the trailer with Alice in Wonderland?