Twentieth Century Fox has decided to tighten its grip on Marvel’s Daredevil property by hiring a writer to pen the reboot. Ever since Disney bought the comic giant, all of the properties currently with other studios are fair game if they don’t make use of them, hence the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider reboots and sequels.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Fox will join forces with New Regency to rewrite Daredevil’s story. David Scarpa has been tapped to pen the screenplay and former News Corp executive Peter Chernin is producing. The previous film was released back in 2003 and starred Ben Affleck as the blind superhero who was a lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night. It also co-starred Jennifer Garner as his love interest and adversary Elektra.

The first film earned about 180 million dollars worldwide, and was considered a flop by industry standards. It came out after the major successes of Spider-Man and X-Men, but didn’t generate as much buzz or money. The reboot is a strategical move on Fox’s part to keep their Marvel properties active because if they don’t, the rights will revert back to the Disney owned company.

It’s been barely 8 years since the last film dropped, and I don’t know about you but I’m not pining for another Daredevil fix.

What do you think of Fox rebooting Daredevil? What can they do to make this version better?