Hollywood’s remake obsession refuses to die, with their latest victim being the popular Western, Gunsmoke. That’s right, I’m referring to the television series that ran from 1955 – 1975 that took place in infamous Dodge City, Kansas. A lot of people grew up on that show, and now some genius in a studio boardroom wants to bring it to the big screen.

Over at the Los Angeles Times, they’re reporting that CBS Films is looking to cast the primary role of  Gunsmoke’s Marshal Matt Dillon (no, not the actor). Dillon was the main character and the big lawman on the show, and we’re hearing that Brad Pitt is up for the role. The actor has worn his fair share of cowboy boots and hats during his career, but can he be Dillon?

Dillon is the Western hero charged with maintaining law and order in a period Kansas town filled with colorful vagrants, misfits and desperadoes. He carries on in these adventures with the help of town physician Doc Adams and tavern owner Miss Kitty Russell.

If Pitt wasn’t strange enough, there’s also word that Ryan Reynolds is a candidate to play the character, which is funny because who ever thought these two would be in competition with each other one day. In the past year or so Reynolds has become a force to be reckoned with at the box office and the studio might lean towards him as a cheaper alternative for the part.

A director hasn’t been hired as of yet, but CBS Films is actively looking for one while casting. They hope to capitalize off the name recognition of the Gunsmoke property, as well as the actors used to bring it back to life. The big question is whether or not audiences will have a renewed taste for Westerns by the time the film’s released. Only time will tell.

Are you interested in seeing a theatrical film version of Gunsmoke? Who do you think is the better choice between Pitt and Reynolds?