We’ve known for a while that Warner Bros has been looking to produce another remake of the classic, A Star is Born, and today a strange casting rumor has sprung up. According to The Los Angeles Times, Oscar winner Russell Crowe is up for the lead role as the has-been husband, a part that was last played by Kris Kristofferson.

According to their sources, Crowe is the front runner to star as a musician who falls in love with a younger singer, who schools, but eventually outshines him as an entertainer. The 45 year old Australian actor is said to be interested in the role that would have him flaunting his vocal range, which we assume isn’t a problem since he’s played in a band (but doesn’t every actor have a band, i.e. The Bacon Brothers).

The role of his wife will likely be played by Beyonce Knowles, who’s been long rumored to star in the film. If she’s cast she’ll be following in the footsteps of Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. The three previous versions of A Star is Born have taken place in the film and music world, with the last one focusing on the latter. Nick Cassevetes (The Notebook) has entered talks to direct the film, but is still in the early stages of negotiations.

This would mark the return of Crowe in a more dramatic, less thrill-centric role. As for Beyonce, when will she expand beyond music on film? Obsessed was a nice stretch, but it seems like she’s falling back into old habits. No formal offers have been sent out by the studio, but when something does happen, we’ll let you know.

Do you think Crowe and Beyonce would make a good onscreen couple? Should they remake the film?