The one thing thing that Harry Potter and Twilight have in common besides Robert Pattinson is money. Both are bonafide franchises with dedicated fanbases and lucrative merchandising deals, but how much of it do the stars cash in on? Vanity Fair has compiled a list of the top money makers from 2009 and Daniel Radcliffe, Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart all made the cut.

Out of the top forty that were ranked, Pattinson came in at number 35, while Stewart was two spots below at 37. Apparently Edward Cullen brought in 18 million dollars last year, while Stewart earned a total of 16 million. How did Pattinson make more than her when she had several films in production in ’09? Perhaps his image in the public market is a lot more valuable to Twilight fans than hers.

On a hilarious note, Daniel Radcliffe left both of them in the dirt, because he’s way ahead of the pack at number 6 with 41 million dollars. His Potter co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint came in at numbers 14 and 15 with 30 million each. Unfortunately, Taylor Lautner was nowhere to be found on the list, so Team Jacob had no representation.

You have to understand that Harry Potter has been around longer in terms of its books and films, so of course its stars are going to be more fruitful than Twilight‘s. The franchise has been a solid source of income since the release of the first book back in 1997. Maybe this time next year the vampires and werewolves will have moved up a few slots, but until then, the ball is in Potter’s court.

Are you surprised by the amount of money the actors brought in?

Source: Examiner