The success of last year’s Fast & Furious has caused Universal to greenlight another sequel in the racing franchise entitled, Fast Five. The film has been put on the fast track and will feature the return of co-stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and director Justin Lin, as well as producer Neal Moritz.

Last year, Fast & Furious set a record for Universal becoming the studio’s biggest release of 2009. It raked in $343 million worldwide and they want to see more of that type of success. The screenplay for Fast Five is being written by Chris Morgan and will center on Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) being hunted down as fugitives by relentless lawmen. Production is scheduled to begin sometime later this year so the film can make a 2011 release date.

The big question here is, will the studio ever run out of names that capitalize on the original title? How many of these sequels are they going to make? This is turning into the car racing version of the Saw series, because as long as the sequels make money they’ll keep rolling them out. Even though the last film had the original cast, it didn’t recapture the vibe of the first film. There was so much heavy CGI in Fast & Furious, that it took away from the gritty look of the original.

Are you down to see Fast Five? Do you think Universal should stop while they’re ahead?

Source: Variety