Earlier today we learned that Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief star Logan Lerman might be up for the role of Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man, but until that news is confirmed we have some photos from his most recent project. We’ve got six high quality production stills taken directly from the film that feature Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and even Medusa.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is based on the book series of the same name by author, Rick Riordan. The story centered a 12-year-old boy (a teenager in the film) who sets out on a quest in present-day America to rescue his mother, return Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and prevent a civil war from erupting among the gods.

The movie has an all star cast of gods and goddesses including a trio of godly brothers with Sean Bean as Zeus, Kevin McKidd as Poseidon, and Steve Coogan as Hades. On the lady’s front, Uma Thurman stars as Medusa, Rosario Dawson as Persephone, and Melina Kanakardes as Athena.

The following photos give us a peek at the main characters in action as they battle the elements and the gods to find Zeus’ lighting bolt. If you look closely in the Medusa photo, you’ll notice that she’s become entranced by her own reflection in Percy’s iPhone.

What do you think of the latest photos from Percy Jackson and The Olympians?

Source: Collider