The 2007 live action fairytale Enchanted was a commercial and critical hit for Disney and star Amy Adams, so it’s no surprise that the studio wants history to repeat itself. According to Variety, they’ve hired a screenwriter and a director to take us into the next chapter of Princess Giselle’s new life as a mother and a wife.

The first Enchanted made an astounding $340.5 million worldwide, with its initial budget being 85 million. That’s quite a profit for a live action fairytale movie in this day and age. It was directed by Kevin Lima from a screenplay written by Bill Kelly, but this time around a few new faces will take over the creative reigns. The studio has hired Anne Fletcher to direct and Jesse Nelson to pen the screenplay.

Fletcher previously worked on 27 Dresses and The Proposal, which means Enchanted 2 is right up her alley. Even though 27 Dresses wasn’t my cup of tea, The Proposal was surprisingly enjoyable. Disney plans on scheduling the film for a 2011 release, and they expect the original cast to return. When we spoke to Adams we asked her if she’d be interested in reprising her role in the film and she said she wouldn’t be opposed to it.

The only problem with the 2011 release date is the production timing. It would have to be shot some time this year, and Adams has already scheduled time off because she’s gearing up to have her first child. Maybe they can shoot it later in the fall to accompany her new bundle of joy? Something tells me that Disney will make a way out of no way.

Do you want to see an Enchanted 2? Where should the story go from here?