Academy Award nominated actress Virginia Madsen has signed on for her next major gig and it’s on television. A lot of actors have been making the jump from the big screen to the small screen to find juicier roles. According to Movieline, Madsen has signed on to star as the lead in the upcoming ABC series, “Scoundrels.”

“Scoundrels” will be an adaptation of the New Zealand series “Outrageous Fortune” that centers on the matriarch of a family of criminals who decides that it is time for the brood to go straight after her husband is sentenced to a long prison term. ABC tried to make the show back in 2008 with Catherine O’ Hara but it didn’t fare as well. The show is scheduled to run for eight episodes this summer.

Madsen has dipped into the television world before with her most recent stint being on the former cable giant, “Monk.” The main focus of “Scoundrels” deals with the family trying to stay out of the “life,” and I’m sure the conflict between right and wrong will constantly arise. The original series debuted back in 2005 and was produced as a crime dramedy, so we can expect to get a laugh or two from the U.S. version.

As of late, ABC have made some great decisions with their comedy lineup. “Modern Family” was nominated for a Golden Globe, and Courteney Cox was recognized for her performance on the show “Cougar Town.” Slowly but surely the network is returning to its comedic glory days.

What do you think of Virginia Madsen starring in the American version of Scoundrels?