Sandra Bullock has had a career changing year, but her latest accolades heavily conflict with each other. On Monday, she was nominated as the Worst Actress of 2009 for the annual Razzie awards, and on Tuesday morning she received a nod for Best Actress by the Academy. How can she be the best and worst in the same year?

All awards season Bullock has been snatching up the Best Actress title left and right for her performance as a good hearted southern mother in The Blind Side. She stars as the matriarch of a well off family who takes in a young kid off the streets and into their home. The film has been called the “feel good movie of the year,” and became the first to be top billed by a woman and go past the 200 million mark in domestic ticket sales.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there’s Bullock’s performance in the unseen comedy, All About Steve where she plays a woman obsessed with a news cameraman. The film received horrible reviews and left theaters as fast as it arrived. Everyone seemed to forget about the movie, because it was sandwiched between two hits, The Proposal and The Blind Side. But the people over at the Razzie’s couldn’t let that slide.

Bullock is the first actress to ever receive both nominations in the same year, which in a way is another history making moment for her. If she wins, do you think she’ll actually pick up her Razzie up in person?

What do you think of Bullock being nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie?