Now that the two hour season premiere of “Lost” is over, let’s dish on what the hell is going on. All we can do is speculate at this point because nothing’s been set in stone, which is how it usually goes on this show. There were a few noticeable things that occurred during last night’s premiere that might have a major effect on the rest of the season and the show’s finale…

  • Parallel Timelines: It looks like the bomb did work to a certain extent. Everyone thought when it exploded they’d be magically transported back to LAX with their memories wiped clean, but that wasn’t the case. It seems like they created an alternate universe of some sort that features them going about their daily lives as if the crash never occurred. So those versions have no island memories, but the real castaways still do.
  • Flash Forward/Across/Back: How many timelines are currently running on the show at this point? Are Jack and the gang on the same wavelength as Ben, Sun, and Frank? The show has dealt with flashbacks and flash forwards, but now that there are alternate versions of themselves during the present are they going to do flash overs? Is that even a word? Did “Lost” just create this?
  • Locke/Man in Black: Don’t make Pseudo-Locke mad because instead of turning into the Hulk, he’ll turn into the smoke monster. They still haven’t revealed this guy’s name but he’s one angry castaway. He stated that he wanted to “go back home” so does that mean he’s a regular person who couldn’t return to the normal world? Jacob said, he got tired of his company, so maybe they both came to the island and he wanted to leave, but realized he couldn’t. Hence his anger and resentment towards the always content Jacob.
  • Jacob/Sayid: Wouldn’t it be eerie if Jacob possessed Sayid’s body or did something freaky with it like the Man in Black did Locke’s? All you need is a dead vessel and Sayid looked dead as a nail after he got shot, and if that didn’t do it the drowning in the fountain probably did. Was that really Sayid we saw rise at the end of the episode? This is “Lost,” and anything is possible.
  • It Worked: Miles said that Juliet’s last words were, “It worked.” For some odd reason it felt like she was going to say, “I’m pregnant” instead. At the end of last season she seemed to be holding on to her stomach, and was giving off a certain vibe. But she could have been trying to tell Sawyer that there’s another version of him out there, which means there could be another version of her too! Dun, dun, dun!

These are just a few of the things that I picked up from last night’s premiere, what did you get out off it? And be sure to check out our episode review to see how we rated it on our scale.

What are your theories for the last season of Lost?