We’ve heard that former “Lost star Cynthia Watros (Libby) will make an appearance during the final season of the show, but until then she’s got a gig to tie her over. According to EW, the actress has landed a multiple episode arc on the Fox hit, “House.” She’ll be on board as a new (old) love interest for one of the established M.D.s.

According to the report, Watros has been cast as one of the many ex-wives of Robert Sean Leonard’s character Dr. Wilson. She’ll play his first former wife who’s come back into his life as his new girlfriend. That’s right, he’s treading those troubled waters again, and we can only imagine the wisecracks that are going to come out of that scenario.

The actresses stint won’t be a one time deal either, she’ll appear in several episodes, with the first debuting in April. Isn’t it convenient that the good doctor gets a new love interest a month before sweeps? As long as this gig doesn’t interfere with what the folks at ABC have planned for her on “Lost” it’s good to go.

It’s been a couple of years since Wilson has had a steady lady in his life, how do you think the reintroduction of his ex will affect the rest of of the team?

What do you think about Watros joining House?