Now that the dust has settled and the news has sunk in, we’ve managed to gather some reactions from this year’s Oscar nominees. The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning at 8:30 ET /5:30 PT, and many of us in the entertainment world were up waiting for those names to be revealed. If you’re wondering what the stars said or did after they heard the big news here’s what happened…

Sandra Bullock was nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in The Blind Side, a film that also earned a Best Picture nod.

“I’d always assumed that the road to Oscar was planned. I thought people chose projects that were considered ‘Oscar-worthy.’ No one wanted to make this film. I didn’t want to make this film for the better part of the year,” she said. “Everyone is as blindsided — can I say that? — as I am.” But as surprised as she was, Bullock said the most moving part of the morning was hearing that her movie got a best picture nomination. “That’s what makes me emotional. John Lee Hancock spent two years of his life on something that no one else saw. And now he’s been recognized!”

Kathryn Bigelow received a Best Director nomination for her Best Picture nominee The Hurt Locker, and has the chance to become the first woman to ever when the Oscar in the director category.

“If by having made this film there’s one person out there that imagines that the impossible is possible, then it’s an extraordinarily gratifying situation,” she said. “On the other hand, I think of myself as a filmmaker, and I tend to drop the modifier simply because I hope that someday in the future it’ll be a moot point.”

Novice actress Gabourey Sidibe was recognized in the Best Actress category for her work in Precious, and is still shocked at the success of the movie.

“I never paid attention to what kind of roles get nominated for Oscars. I don’t come from a place of film. I don’t have another expectation to judge it from.”

Another fresh face who’s nominated in the same category is An Education star Carey Mulligan. The British actress has earned plenty of acclaim these past few months for her role as a restless teenager in the Oscar nominated film.

“It’s so rare to find a female character that has some kind of journey and changes as a result. So many times, they’re just accessory roles, the girlfriend or someone who performs some kind of plot function. A female character that had that much going on was rare.”

PreciousLee Daniels received a Best Director nomination and was at a loss for words. He’s not sure what to make of all his recent success.

“It hit me that I’ve been working so many years for this moment. Now that it’s here, what do I do? What do I do with my life now? … It makes you think about the things you missed working for this moment.”

First time nominee Vera Farmiga was nominated alongside co-star Anna Kendrick in the Best Supporting Actress category for Up in the Air.

“I don’t know if I was expecting it or not. I’ve certainly been grateful for all of the attention thus far. … I was fine until about the 10 minutes before the announcement came and my feet started sweating profusely, so I guess it meant something to me.”

Speaking of Kendrick, she was over the moon when she heard the news of her and her cast mates’ nods.

“I am thrilled beyond words to be nominated with these talented and inspiring women. Being involved in a film as special as ‘Up in the Air’ was a dream come true. I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination and am so grateful to be able to share this experience with George, Vera and Jason.”

The Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner was caught on tape reacting to his Best Actor nomination, while making an appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show.”

“I was on the ‘Today’ show with Kathryn [Bigelow] and Anthony [Mackie]. So it was a little weird because we had a camera in our face while we were watching the announcements. … But, uh, wow, wow, wow. Just to see all that transpire with this little movie is just a triumph. An absolute triumph.”

When A Single Man’s Colin Firth heard his name this morning his reaction was quite comical.

“I thought I was managing my expectations, but on hearing the news I discovered new and unfamiliar vocal tones. Perhaps I should do another musical.”

What do you think of this year’s nominees?

Source: LA Times, THR