Avatar has been number one at the box office for seven straight weeks, so it sounds crazy to bring up its DVD release, but someone has. According to THR, Chairman and CEO of News Corp Rupert Murdoch stated that the studio does have plans for Avatar‘s home entertainment market, as well as a few ideas regarding the sequel.

Earlier today the executive was asked about the future Avatar sequels and he pretty much confirmed what we already know. He stated that they’re in “very early talks about it,” and director James Cameron already “has ideas about it.” And since the first film has been such a massive success, he went on to say, “We will be pushing one,” which means they want another movie, so they can make even more money.

As for the Avatar DVD, Murdoch confirmed that it would be released sometime during the company’s current fiscal year, which ends June 30th. The biggest issue is whether or not they’ll release the film in 3-D or regular 2-D format to the masses. He stated that it won’t be a 3-D DVD because the technology isn’t developed enough to handle it, but COO Chase Carey added there could be a 3-D DVD release further “down the road.”

Back to Cameron’s sequel, even though it sounds like Murdoch is pushing the director to get to it, he acknowledges that Cameron’s films take a long time to produce, and said not to “hold your breath for another one.” Therefore another film could happen, just not as fast as they want it to.

Do you think they should release the Avatar DVD in 3-D?