It’s been a long time since Lorne Michaels and his SNL team have produced a feature film version of one of their show’s sketches. The latest is MacGruber, the Will Forte centered skit about a special operations agent who dons an eerie resemblance to the popular eighties character, MacGyver. When it was on TV it was just fine, but now that it’s headed to the big screen the creator of MacGyver wants Michaels and company to pay up.

According to a report on Latino Review, the creator of MacGyver, Lee David Zlototof is making some big noise over the release of the SNL film. It turns out that he already has a film version of MacGyver in the works over at New Line Cinema, and is taking every legal route possible to shut MacGruber down. Not only does he want the film to never see the light of day, he also wants its studio (Relativity) to cough up some dough for using so much of MacGyver’s likeness.

The source goes on to say that MacGruber has received extremely low test scores from audiences, which begs the question is it worth fighting for? The trailers do look hilarious, and I love seeing Ryan Phillippe in something light hearted for a change but this sounds like it could get ugly. This is such an interesting turn in this film’s story because I remember when MacGyver himself Richard Dean Anderson appeared on SNL (above) as MacGruber’s dad and there were no complaints there. But then again, that’s TV, this is film, and they want their money.

Do you think MacGyver’s creator is right for trying to stop MacGruber and gain some payment along the way?