Tonight is the night that we kick off the final season of the television giant, “Lost“. The hit ABC series will start its sixth year with a bang, even though some people have already seen a sneak peek of this week’s episode. It’s all thanks to some obsessive fans and their trusted flip cameras that managed to record and distribute some of the episode’s footage before its release.

According to THR, the first hour of tonight’s “Lost” episode has been popping up all over the place thanks to a courtesy screening ABC gave thousands of fans last weekend. After the viral video leaked from the event, you’d think the studio would be shaking in their boots but they’re not. It turns out the spoiler footage has been shunned by the majority of die hard “Lost” fans. People want to see the show live and direct on their television screens, not on their computers via a shaky hand held camera.

Usually when leaked footage appears online from a new episode of a show fans are all over it, but it seems like no one wants to ruin a good thing. When it popped up on YouTube it only got a few hundred views and a few nasty comments about how no one wanted to see their crummy quality video.

“We never had a show like ‘Lost’ before that had these kind of fans that love it so much that they don’t want to know what happens before the premiere,” said Michael Benson, co-executive vp marketing at ABC. “Fans feel like they own this thing, just like we do.”

People on Twitter have also spoken out about the “Lost” revelation and don’t see why it’s so hard to wait it out.

“Are people so impatient that they would rather watch a cell phone camera version of the ‘Lost’ premiere than wait one day?” Kyool wrote on Twitter.

I’ve actually managed to stay spoiler free since “Lost’s” season 5 finale, but I’m anxious to see what will happen tonight. This is the last season and it should be watched in the way that it was intended, on your TV screen. “Lost” is a once in a lifetime show, and we’ve got to do it right.

Have you seen the first hour of tonight’s episode? Have you been able to avoid the Lost spoilers?