Johnny Depp has decided to step behind the camera and direct a biopic on The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. If you thought their collaboration in Pirates of the Caribbeans was epic, wait until you hear the details about this. According to The Playlist, the versatile actor who can play anything from a pirate to Willy Wonka, told a Serbian website that he will be working with the musical legend on an upcoming documentary.

This isn’t Depp’s first time in the director’s chair, in fact he has two other projects under his belt including The Brave, which came out 13 years ago. He admits that he’s a lot older and wiser today, and his directing skills will show that. The Oscar nominated actor and the legendary rock star have had a close friendship for years, and Depp even modeled his character Jack Sparrow after Richards.

Now that Depp is stepping behind the camera again, he’s ready to start sooner than later.

“Already next week I’ll start working on a Keith Richards documentary. While I’m in Drvengrad, my editor is already working on kilometers of archive footage and footage of his concerts. I’m very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras.”

I don’t think anyone doubts the talent of either man in this new project. Can’t wait to see what the end result is going to be! Depp and Richards equal cinematic gold.

What do you think of Depp directing a Keith Richards documentary? Is it a good idea?