Steven Spielberg has a lot more time on his hands since he decided to walk away from the remake of the classic 50′s film, Harvey. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, he’s set his eyes on a biopic of the late composer George Gershwin and he wants “Heroes” and “Star Trek” alum Zachary Quinto to play the lead. It sounds like the Star Trek sequel isn’t the only big thing on the actor’s plate.

Apparently Dreamworks, acquired the rights to Gershwin’s story last fall and they’re gearing up to do something with them. The screenplay for the film has been written by Doug Wright and will center on the life of the famed Broadway composer and pianist who wrote more than a dozen shows before dying at 38. He was a character within himself and had a heavy Brooklyn accent, which DreamWorks is well aware of, so they plan on hiring an accent and dialogue coach to help Quinto replicate it.

The shoot could begin as early as April of this year, and it’s just one of 3 projects that Spielberg will be working on in the near future. I would question the scheduling of this film in contrast to “Heroes” and Star Trek 2, but then again “Heroes” should be done by that time, and the script hasn’t even been finalized for Star Trek, so this movie is fair game.

Do you think Quinto has what it takes to play Gershwin in a Spielberg biopic?