Vanity Fair has released the cover of their annual Hollywood issue and it features several actresses who are described as the “fresh faces” of the new decade. Too bad the majority of them have been around for years, but main stream media is just now catching on to them. Kristen Stewart and Evan Rachel Wood lead the pack of nine that headline the issue. Here’s the full photo…

There are several problems with the cover choices for this issue with the first one being the tagline. It states that these are the new faces of the decade, but will all of these ladies be around ten years from now with thriving careers? I remember a few years back when Lindsay Lohan was on the cover of the Young Hollywood issue and we all see how she turned out. Also, where are the actresses of color? Not just African American, but Latino, Asian, give me Native American or something. They usually stick someone in there to make a difference, but this time they didn’t even try.

And last but not least, how fresh faced are Evan Rachel Wood and Kristen Stewart supposed to be? Granted they’re young, but those girls have been around for a while, and the same could be said for Abbie Cornish and Rebecca Hall. They haven’t been front and center of any blockbusters but they’re not new to the game. I could have sworn that Amanda Seyfried and Stewart were already featured on one of these “special Hollywood issues” last year, yet they’re coming back for more?

This year’s layout is boring and unoriginal. Dig deeper Vanity Fair.

(L-R) Abbie Cornish (Bright Star, Guardians of Ga’Hoole), Kristen Stewart (Twilight, The Runaways), Carey Mulligan (An Education, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Amanda Seyfried (Jennifer’s Body, Dear John), Rebecca Hall (Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, The Town), Mia Wasikowska (Defiance, Alice in Wonderland), Emma Stone (Zombieland, Easy A), Anna Kendrick (Twilight, Up in the Air), Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, The Conspirator).

What do you think of Vanity Fair’s choices for their latest Hollywood issue?