We’re only one day away from the premiere of the sixth and final season of ABC’s “Lost“, and last night during this week’s episode of “Desperate Housewives” they showed a new promo. It’s hard to believe the network gave us new footage just two days prior to the shows debut, but they did and we’ve got the video…

The new trailer is a minute long and has left me completely baffled. Apparently the castaways have once again found themselves in harms way and at the mercy of others. There’s an Asian man who states, “this is your chance to redeem yourself,” but we have no idea who he’s talking to. What would they have to redeem themselves for? Perhaps leaving or returning to the island? The infamous smoke monster makes an appearance after being on a short hiatus, while we also get a quick glance at Jacob.

It looks like Sayid is being held hostage and tortured, while Sawyer’s pissed off and doesn’t want to be bothered. But then again, isn’t that how Sawyer always feels? Guns are drawn, and Ben asks the age old question of, “what are you?” It looks like he’s talking to Locke’s possessed body after the events that took place at the end of season 5.

These are just some of my observations from the footage, what are yours?

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What do you think will happen during the final season of Lost? Who are the new people who are after the castaways?