Avatar‘s success has gone far beyond anyone’s expectations by grossing over 2 billion dollars worldwide leaving its Titanic predecessor in the dust. James Cameron has already acknowledged that he has plans for a full Avatar trilogy, but where will the story pick up? Over at MarketSaw they’ve managed to get the inside scoop on what we can expect from Avatar 2.

According to their inside sources, Cameron is under “immense pressure” to make Avatar 2 his next film. Even though the director has other projects waiting in the wings including the highly anticipated Battle Angel, which already has a significant amount of prep work done. There’s also another film called The Dive, which was once considered his next go to project, so we’re not sure what route he’ll take.

As for the plot of Avatar 2, they’re hearing that it will focus on a full blown war, that will take place off of Pandora. They also go on to say that a lot of the things that were left on the cutting room floor from the first film, will find its way back into the second.

If the Na’vi are going to be involved in another battle, I wonder if the humans will once again be their opponents of choice? We’ve seen that already, let’s explore other native lands and watch some red or green people going at it. Let the entire rainbow get in on this action.

What do you think about the latest Avatar details? Who should be the villains in the next film?

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