Now that it’s February, we can officially say that Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland hits theaters next month. Until then, every week Disney will release new photos and behind the scenes videos that reveal more about the characters and the story. The latest batch includes some photos of the Red Queen, Dormouse, and Caterpillar, plus a new video with Johnny Depp.

Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland centers on a 19-year-old Alice, who makes a dramatic return to the fantasy land she visited as a child. She’s Wonderland’s only hope against the evil Red Queen and her group of followers. Will Alice be able to end her reign of terror?

Speaking of the Red Queen, we have a high quality photo of the film’s villain as played by Helena Bonham Carter. There are also a couple of hand drawn sketches from Burton’s very own sketchbook so you can see where his look for the characters originated.

In this latest featurette we hear from a few of the film’s behind the scenes crew, and the cast including the Mad Hatter himself, Johnny Depp. He presses that this Alice in Wonderland will be like nothing you’ve never seen before, and I believe him.

Check out the goodies…

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Alice in Wonderland hits theaters on March 5th.

What do you think of the latest batch of photos from Alice in Wonderland? Do you like the overall look Burton is going for with this film?