The first trailer for the Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant comedy Cemetery Junction has been released and its a lot more serious than we thought it would be. It’s a coming of age story that takes place in England and focuses on a close knit group of teenage boys.

Cemetery Junction is period piece that takes place in a provincial English town in the 1970’s. The main character Freddie, (Christian Cooke) is anxious to break free from his working class roots, but has to maneuver around the opposition of his best friends Bruce and Snork, played by Tom Hughes and Jack Doolan.

Even though the film is described as a comedy, the trailer gives off a more serious vibe. There’s a lot of repression and anger coming from the main characters who are in one way or another constricted by their small town. There are a lot less laughs, and a lot more sad faces staring into the camera. Could this be an example of Gervais and Merchant going beyond their usual shtick?

Cemetery Junction also stars Matthew Goode, Emily Watson, and Ralph Fiennes who were pretty much absent from the trailer. Perhaps they wanted to focus on the lesser known protagonists this time around and introduce everyone else in the expanded version.

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What do you think of the first trailer for Cemetery Junction? Is it a lot darker than you expected?