Despite nearly getting pummeled on their way in into the press room (something that is not very common at Sundance, but apparently if you use celebs, the fans will come) Ben Affleck and Rosemarie DeWitt walked in from the cold and sat down to a roundtable to discuss their roles in the A-list indie drama, The Company Men directed by John Wells. Both talked about their roles in the film, the recession, and Affleck even talked about how to make good films and how not every film he’s done has been great – he used Daredevil as his example and I think the entire table was in agreement.

In the film Affleck stars as Bobby Walker, a young executive working his way up the corporate latter, who gets blindsided by the recession. He along with his wife Maggie have to find a way to deal with the economic fallout, while adjusting to their new lifestyle. Rosemarie DeWitt stars as his understanding wife who tries to help him pick up the pieces after he becomes a casualty of a massive layoff.