Sundance is quickly coming to an end and you know what that means… it’s time to stop enjoying all the amazing films that made it into the festival and starting tearing them apart, judging them, and then handing out awards to the “best” ones! Honestly, there are so many great films at the festival that it is impossible to judge.

Live from the jazzed up Racquet Theater, I’ll be updating the winners of the awards from the  2010 Sundance Film Festival as they come in and I’ll be posting them live for you here…

7:09 PM – NHK Award  To honor new  and original voices in independent film – Recipients receive a $10,000 prize and guaranteed purchase for Japanese broadcasting rights.

Winners:  Amat Escalante (Heli); Andrey Zvyagintsev (Elena); Daisuke Yamamoka (The Wonderful Lives at Asahigaoka); Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild).

7:12 – Volunteer of the year award – Cindy Lund.

BTW, the volunteers are an enormous force at sundance.  Over 1,400 people volunteer their time for free for over a week, and are all deserving of recognition.  Don’t worry, things will get more interesting…

7:15 – David Hyde Pierce, star of The Perfect Host takes the stage as, er, host.  He’s singing a parody version of “Boom, boom, boom” by the Black Eyed Peas mentioning each film screening at the festival.  I’m sure whoever wrote this were very amused by themselves.

7:20 - Alfred P. Sloan Award, to a director focusing on science and technology as a theme goes to… Obselidia, Directed by Diane Bell.
7:25 – Special Jury Prize for world documentary:  Enemies of the People.
7:28 - World documentary cinematography:  His & Hers.  It’s kind of funny that an award would be presented for cinematography in which the camera never comes off the tripod…
7:31 - World documentary editing:  A Film Unfinished.
7:33 – World documentary directing: Space Tourists.

Wow, they’re moving along here at quite a clip…

7:35 - Grand Jury prize for world documentary Best Documentary – The Red Chapel.
And to think I missed all these great documentaries just to see and review the films that you jerks are all likely to see sooner or later anyway…
World Cinema Dramatic Awards.  Here we go!  Here are some movies that you may actually get to see one day…

7:42 - Special Jury Prize – Tatiana Maslany for her performance in Grown Up Movie Star.
7:45 - Cinematography award - The Man Next Door.
7:47 - Screenwriting Award - Southern District.

2 Spanish speaking films in a row!  Si Se Puede!

7:48 - Directing Award – Juan Carlos Valdivia for Southern District
7:53 - World Cinema Grand Jury Prize – Animal Kingdom

Awesome!  This is my favorite movie of the festival.  Check out my review here

7:55Joseph Gordon Levitt presents the Best of Next Award, films shot with low or no budget.  The winner is determined by the directors of the category.
The winner is – Homewrecker.

7:58 – Louis C.K. presents the World Cinema Audience Award for Documentary

“Money given to a film by an audience is a sacred thing.  It’s a stupid thing for these people to give you their money, in this economy.  But they still do it, because they love your movies…And the winner is….Wasteland.”

8:13 – Audience Award for U.S. Documentary – Waiting for Superman.

8:19 Louis C.K. “I just want to say, that I know a lot of these movies never get seen, and I know that If you just replaced all the shitty movies that come out all year with the sundance programming, audiences would absolutely love it. So It’s my pleasure to announce the final audience award for…Happythankyoumoreplease.

8:23 – Jury Special Award for documentary goes to Gasland

Ha!  The producer just told big gas drilling companies to “Frak off!”  Yeah!  BSG4EVR!

8:27 -Jury Special Award for Dramatic Filmgoes to Sympathy For Delicious.

8:31 – Jury Award for Cinematography Documentary – The Oath
It would be great if the people gorging themselves on free food and booze in the back of the room would shut the hell up and let the filmmakers speak.

8:34 – Jury Award for Cinematography U.S. Dramatic film – Obselidia

8:37 – Jury Award for Editing U.S. Documentary – Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

The producers of this film would like to thank Sundance for being one of the few festivals that takes notice of editing as an award worthy category.

8:40 – Russel Banks presents the Waldo Salt Screenwriting award - Winter’s Bone

8:43 – Morgan Spurlock presents the Grand Jury Award for Directing U.S. Documentary – Smash His Camera

8:47 – Jury Award for Directing U.S. Dramatic – 3 Backyards

8:54 – Grand Jury Award for Documentary – Restrepo

8:57 – Apparently The hosts and presenters agree with me.  If these entitled assholes in the back of the room don’t stop talking I’m going to start throwing things.

9:00 – Sundance Sweetheart Parker Posey presents the Grand Jury Prize for Dramatic U.S. Feature…Winter’s Bone!

There you have it folks!  The winners of the Sundance Film Festival Awards!  Tomorrow marks the “Best of Fest” screenings, and I’ll be seeing and bringing you reviews for more of tonight’s award winning films!