It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for “Smallville” to tackle a real Justice League storyline and it’s finally happening. They’ve touched on it before with various characters like Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and of course Green Arrow, but the big reveal is upon us. The episode is entitled “Absolute Justice” (fitting) and we’ve got some photos from the two hour event…

A new episode of “Smallville” will air tonight, but it won’t be “Absolute Justice,” which won’t premiere until next week. It will mark the arrival of DC Comic characters Hawkman, Star Girl, Dr. Fate, and many more from the Justice Society of America. Last year The CW was trying to figure out if they would air it as two separate episodes, or a full movie, and guess what they chose? It will be a single night event that will hopefully lead to Clark embracing more of his Superman-like qualities.

Several photos have been released in promotion of the episode, and honestly a few of them worry me. This is a TV show, and it doesn’t have the budget of The Dark Knight or Superman Returns, but the costumes for Hawkman and Dr. Fate look cheap, cheap, and more cheap. Their masks are the weakest parts of their outfits, and the same goes for Stargirl. She doesn’t exactly look up to code either.

Do you like how the Justice Society is portrayed on Smallville? Are you excited to see the the two part episode?

Source: Screenrant