It’s Friday, and that means new movies, but don’t get too excited because there are only two wide releases this week. The first one is Mel Gibsons vigilante-thriller, The Edge of Darkness, where he plays a Boston cop looking to avenge his murdered daughter. The second is the generic romantic comedy, When in Rome, a film about Kristen Bell falling in love with Josh Duhamel. Will it be good? Eh, probably not, but who cares. As for the limited releases we have North Face, which looks absolutely riveting. Saint John of Las Vegas, which according to our review is so-so and Off and Running, a documentary about a teenage African-American girl, adopted by a Jewish, lesbian couple.

Here are the movies coming out on Friday, January 29th…


Edge of Darkness

When in Rome

Saint John in Las Vegas

North Face

Off and Running

Bass Ackwards

Which movie will you be seeing this week?