Avatar, the sci-fi phenomenon that sank the Titanic from its number one spot, is getting a sequel, which we knew would happen sooner or later. Back in December, before Avatar‘s debut, James Cameron said that if the film did well, it would turn into a franchise. Surprise, surprise, it did a lot better than we expected and now the question is, how far into the next film is Cameron?

Joel David Moore, who plays the eager anthropologist Norm Spellman in Avatar, told MTV News Cameron has already shared some of his ideas about the sequel with him and the rest of the cast:

“There have been conversations about certain ways to go. Of course nothings set in stone. I love all the ideas… There are a lot of places for it to go and all of those decisions lie in one man’s brain. And that’s a giant brain. It is hard to feel smart around him.”

Cameron hasn’t said much about the sequel, but he did mention that the next film (or two) would follow Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and it would pick up right where it left off.

Moore will once again return as Spellman, one of the few humans who was allowed to stay on Pandora.

“Yes, I will be a part of whatever they want me to do. How can you now? I would love to go back to that world.”

Sequels are scary because they’re rarely as good as the originals. It would be a shame for Avatar, a film so beautiful, to be diluted by a follow up that’s not nearly as good. The only hope we have is in the director himself. He’s a god when it comes to the movies, and he’s got a more-than-adequate resume of successful franchises (Alien, Terminator). We’ll trust him to do his job right.

Are you excited about the pending Avatar sequel?