Mel Gibson‘s latest film Edge of Darkness hits theaters tomorrow and the award winning actor already has a new project on the horizon. According to THR, Gibson is reteaming with Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black for a spy thriller called, Cold Warrior. Am I the only one getting Braveheart vibes from that title?

This will be the second film that Black has directed following his 2005 action comedy, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. Cold Warrior will center on a Cold War spy (Gibson) who comes out of retirement and teams up with a younger agent to combat a domestic terror threat. The enemy of choice is Russia, and they’re a part of some shady dealings that will force the war vet to dust off his gun and go back to work. The screenplay was written by Charles Mondry.

Before we move on, how much do you want to bet that they’ll get someone like Chris Pine to play his partner? I can see it now. The film will be produced by Universal who are still in the early stages of the deal, but this is all part of Gibson’s plan to get back in front of the camera. It’s been a good 7 year’s since we’ve seen him as the lead in a film prior to Edge of Darkness. He just wrapped Jodie Foster’s dark comedy, The Beaver and is gearing up to shoot the Mexican prison-set thriller How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

What do you think about Gibson reuniting with Shane Black? Do you think he’s still a box office draw?