A few days ago we told you about the jaw dropping response to Michael Winterbottom‘s latest film, The Killer Inside Me. When it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival it received little fan fare and was condemned as being a misogynistic piece of crap. The director must have gotten tired of hearing all the complaints about his film because he’s released a very public statement about why he made it as violent as he did.

The Killer Inside Me is based on the 1952 Jim Thompson novel of the same name, and remained brutally faithful to the material. According to Winterbottom, he was “taken aback, to be honest,” by the outrage that was exhibited after his film’s first screening. Apparently some people got up and left early, and a woman even attacked the director stating “it was just horrible,” and “how could Sundance let something like this in?”

Over at Thompson on Hollywood, the director gave a phone interview and spoke about how shocking it is that people don’t mind violence, as long as it’s entertaining.

“The implication is that we should not be allowed to show violence against women. No one is encouraging that. There’s a lot of violence against women in the world. You can show men and women being killed, and as long as it’s entertaining, it’s ok. And if it’s brutal, we don’t want to see it.”

He went on to talk about how people at the infamous screening didn’t completely get what Casey Affleck‘s character was all about. They went in thinking he was going to be one thing and he turned out to be someone a lot darker and visceral.

“The audience didn’t understand that when they watch this shocking violence, Casey is not the hero where the audience gets off on it. It should be shocking and brutal.”

I have yet to see the film, but from what I understand the majority of the death scenes surrounding women occur on camera and in close up, while the men are either shot or killed off camera. The detail of those shots in comparison to each other are where a lot of this anger seems to be coming from. It sounds like this will be a hot topic for a while, and I’m interested seeing what will happen next.

Have you seen or heard about The Killer Inside Me? What do you think about Winterbottom’s defense?