Don’t get me wrong, Sam Worthington is one of the best Australian imports we’ve had stateside in a very long time, but this kid is everywhere. He was the lead in Terminator Salvation, James Cameron‘s Avatar, the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans (which looks awesome by the way), and now there’s talk that he’ll play Dracula? Has he been bitten by the vampire bug too?

Over at Latino Review they ran a story stating that Worthington was up for the title role in the Universal film Dracula: Year Zero. The story is supposed to center on the old school vampire, not this Twilight sh*t we’ve been force-fed. It will have the Transylvania feel, and will be inspired by Vlad the Impaler, which I find interesting considering Summit has their eye on a similar story. Back in December, news broke that the studio wanted to produce a movie centering on Dracula with Brad Pitt producing. Their version has been going by the name Vlad, but it sounds like the same set up.

Universal’s Worthington pic will be produced by the same guys who did Ghost Rider, and directed by Alex Proyas who helmed I, Robot and Knowing. Dracula: Year Zero is rumored to have a budget of 100 million dollars, which seems a bit steep for this type of film. But if Worthington’s on board Universal might think that have a sure shot at making some cash. The film is currently is development and scheduled for a 2011 release.

The only problem with this movie is Worthington. He seems like a very unlikely candidate for this type of a role. There’s a certain kind of laid back charisma that Dracula in known for. Worthington is good at being in your face and doing action, but there’s a certain sophistication that you need to play off the baddest vampire of them all.

Do you think Worthington has the charisma to pull off Dracula?