Finally someone makes a romantic comedy for film-watchers. The Duplass Brothers have taken small budgets and made great films a number of times before in the past, but this time with the help of Fox Seachlight and a number of A-listers including Marisa TomeiJohn C. ReillyJonah Hill and Catherine Keener the Duplass brothers go Hollywood and redefine the “rom-com” and make it fun and interesting again.

The film centers on John, a recently divorced man who meets Molly, the woman of his dreams. The only problem is her grown, 21 year old son Cyrus, who has an unhealthy attachment to her. Cyrus and John engage in moments of male bonding as a means to sabotage one another’s plan to eliminate the competition. John tries to make his relationship with Molly work, while keeping Cyrus and his negative influence at bay.

The reason this film is different from the vast amount of failed films of its genre is that although the characters are arguably crazy none of their actions or reactions are. You believe their story even if you don’t necessarily understand or relate to their direct situation. There is no lack of communication, missed phone call or anything else that gets in their way. They talk to one another and do their best to communicate, sometimes it just doesn’t work and other times it does.

The performances are all phenomenal — Jonah Hill plays a comedic Norman Bates, John C. Reilly is the lovable Shrek and Marisa Tomei is charmingly naive. Every single one of them will have your both caring for their characters and laughing your ass off.

To top that off the story — be it scripted of improved — was phenomenal with some of the funniest lines you’ll ever hear. To assist in that, the cast was spot on. Reilly and Hill will have you rolling on the floor, while at the same time they’ll make you feel for their characters.

Great film! If you’re at Sundance, don’t miss it!

Rating: 8.5/10


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